Readings for October 23 – Civilization and the Trail of Tears

Daniel Walker Howe, What Hath God Wrought, p. 26-30, 74-76, 136, 342-357, 412-423

Theda Perdue, “Indian Removal” [Gilder Lehrman center]

Elliot West, “The Indian Removal Act” [Gilder Lehrman center]

PBS, Constitution of the Cherokee Nation (1827)

Cherokee Phoenix

Natalie Joy, “Cherokee Slaveholders and Radical Abolitionists,” Common Place (2010)

PBS, Worcester vs. Georgia

Andrew Jackson writes to the Cherokee (1835)

“Our Hearts are Sickened” – Letter from Chief John Ross of the Cherokee to the Senate and House of Representatives (1836)

National Parks Service, Trail of Tears



“We are told that the Americans have 13 Councils compos’d of Chiefs and Warriors: The Chickasaws send a message of Conciliation to Congress, 1783”

Red Jacket defends Native American religion (1805)

Archiving Early America, Thomas Jefferson’s views on Native Americans

Wikipedia, Tecumseh

Robert Remini, “Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act,” American History (2006)

Will Oremus, Cherokee may reconsider expelling descendants of black slaves,” Slate (September 2011)




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